IDEA StatiCa Bracket/Corbel

IDEA Bracket / Corbel program is used for structural design of concrete structure details. It is based on Strut & Tie method and provides a comprehensive checks according to Eurocode.

The program has a modern and user-friendly interface.

You define dimensions of bracket/ corbel and appropriate load effects. The number of load cases (extreme effect) is not limited.


progetto strutturale Mensole

Generic loads: Another advantage of the application is the possibility to insert any kind of load. The user can change the size and position of the bearing surfaces, the eccentricity of the effects of the force and define any number of load cases.

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Firstly, primary reinforcement  is applied – plane or space looped bars, framing bars. After that, secondary reinforcement is added – vertical or horizontal stirrups. Overall drawings are generated.

The reinforcement is described clearly, perfectly understandable thanks to the 3D and shown clearly in the reports with detailed figures, 3D views and detailed design of the individual items, including the lengths of anchor.

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 3D view helps you to properly understand all the details.

La vista tridimensionale aiuta a capire correttamente tutti i dettagli.

Proper implementation of Strut & Tie method is based on Eurocode methodology. It was discussed and verified with various experts with practical experience.
Detailing check and brief or detailed report are also available.

verifica dei dettagli costruttivi

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You have a clear vision of how to shape the model and how it works.

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