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The EISEKO group is a team of skilled professionals that provides a series of products and services dedicated to the precast world, with the purpose to completely serve precast companies and their consultants.

EISEKO Computers

EISEKO COMPUTERS develops and resells calculation and drawing software for the design, check and estimation of precast structures, reinforced concrete structures, steel or timber structures, pre- and post- tensioned concrete structures; software for the streel connection design; software for the structural analysis of buildings; software for the geotechnical analysis; software CAD ZWCAD.

AIST Partner

AIST - Associazione Italiana Software Tecnico

ISI Partner


EISEKO ENGINEERING (ex Studio Abakos) is an engineering office, that provides the working design of industrial, commercial and civil buildings; of the seismic check of existing buildings; of the working design of foundation work for civil and precast buildings; of the feasibility and engineering studies of new precast elements.

EISEKO PROVE is a modern CERTIFIED Laboratory for the test on materials, equipped to perform a wide range of tests on different building materials and on existing structures in place.

BUILDING SERVICE Di Cenzon Francesco & Pomini Giorgio s.n.c. p brings the new technologies in Italy! Specialized in connection systems, offer technologies in the forefront to the Building Companies: anti-seismic, invisible, strong, with simple assembly and economic.

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