IDEA StatiCa BIM and Advance Steel


ADVANCE STEEL e calcolo della connessione con IDEA Connection

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Thanks to the close cooperation between Idea and Autodesk Advance Steel and IDEA Connection are linked with BIM.

How does it works?

Open your project in Advance Steel, run a command CONCHECK and select a connection and all its parts. Automatic data transfer is started. You can then transform a connection modelled in Advance Steel into a properly analyzed and designed connection in IDEA StatiCa in a couple of minutes.

Here some examples of nodes exported from Advance Steel to IDEA Connection:

IDEA BIM enables every engineer to get the most out of their software equipment and makes it easy to start working with IDEA StatiCa

Watch full description of the process in a short video:




You need to download and install the last release of IDEA Statica 64-bit and Advance Steel - 2016 with the latest updates or Advance Steel - 2017.

After installation of both programs, run file Idea4AS2016.bat or Idea4AS2017.bat (depending on the Advance Steel version) from IDEA StatiCa installation folder.

Run this command again if you reinstalled either of the programs or moved the installation folder.


Known limitations

Link now works for a wide variety of connections/joints. However, please take into account yet unsupported functionality:

  • Holes in members and notches. Workaround: Import the whole joint and manually add these in IDEA StatiCa Connection
  • Bended plates. Workaround: Use two plates welded together
  • Anchoring and base plate. Workaround: Import the whole joint and manually add these in IDEA StatiCa Connection



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